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• In 2015 I played blues organ with Bruce Hornsby's group, in a track for Spike Lee's recent film, "Chiraq"



Born in Chicago - Paul Butterfield, perfomed by Bruce Hornsby Band
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• In 2014 I was invited to compose the theme and incidental music for the award winning radio drama, "Sting of The Dark Tower". 


Listen to the entire radio drama here

Theme to "Sting of The Dark Tower" - Leon Gruenbaum
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• My music has been featured also in dance works, such as 'In Reverse' by Joanna Lees, perfomed by Alternative Motion Project. 

For this piece I composed two songs: 'Xylo' and 'American Saturday/Zolo'

Minnesota Fringe Festival - Minnesota 2012

• My composition 'Raga' is featured in the introductory video for the contemporary Brazilian artist Liene Bosquê who has been exhibiting her work all over the USA. 


Wlliam Holman Gallery - New York - 2015

• I also write moody, dreamy and sometimes dark 'tone poems', utilizing organic synthesizer sounds of my own design. Many have described the music as cinematic in nature.



Misdrums - Leon Gruenbaum
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Mambo - Leon Gruenbaum
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